IQ45 Cult says Obama is gay

Obama was a teen prostitute in chicago. Obama killed someone to assume their U.S. identity Obama is a muslim These shocking things have been said to me by people i had known for  years or decades.   Two different people that had never had contact with each other told me that Obama was gay.  I've asked … Continue reading IQ45 Cult says Obama is gay

Kittens and other thoughts

My bff just got 2 adorable kittens.   And what blog isn't enriched with cute kitten pics?  Keep reading after the pic.  I've been a little lazy the last few days and mostly just added Newspaper articles.  Get ready for some more original analysis and thoughts below the pic.   Marley and Lilly bookends Was at Publix … Continue reading Kittens and other thoughts

Celebrating the theft of America from the Natives

Happy Turkey Day!  Hope everyone enjoyed theirs.  I sure did.  Meal with the family.   It's not lost on me that white, European settlers came here and took what they wanted.  The U.S. wouldn't be the richest, strongest country in the history of the world if they hadn't.  But, all of them were immigrants.   And the … Continue reading Celebrating the theft of America from the Natives