Is Seal Team 5 suffering?

Will the Seals that tRump outed have to leave covert ops? Are their families in danger? Will previous operations be compromised? The Best of the Best of the Best spent many years of Hard work to get to the Elite Seal Team 5. I'm not military. Due to health I would not have been accepted. … Continue reading Is Seal Team 5 suffering?


IQ45 Cult says Obama is gay

Obama was a teen prostitute in chicago. Obama killed someone to assume their U.S. identity Obama is a muslim These shocking things have been said to me by people i had known for  years or decades.   Two different people that had never had contact with each other told me that Obama was gay.  I've asked … Continue reading IQ45 Cult says Obama is gay

New Names

WIP  dec 13 2018repug, republiCON, republiCANT, republiKKKan, republiKlan  (republican) Glop, gLop, Grand Old People  (GOP)lindsey grahamcracker, lindsey flipflopper (gop a$$hat) kock brothers, smock brothers  (koch brothers. pronounced coke.) iwanka, i wanna (ivana)sarah suck a bee (huckabee)  what a faker (whitaker) Farting Orange Xenophobia,  Flatulating Obnoxious Xeros, Foxes & Freaks, For Old Xwhitepeople , Featured On Xenon, … Continue reading New Names

‘No Jail’ Deal for tRump?

Just speculating.  What if don the con is offered a deal that includes him resigning as potus45 in exchange for no jail time for him and his weird offspring?  He is not a good negotiator.  Bet he would take a deal to save himself, even if it meant throwing his kids under the jail.   One … Continue reading ‘No Jail’ Deal for tRump?

Koch Brothers are Very bad people

Internal emails from George Mason University show how cash turns into special favors. I've been talking about doing some articles on the Koch Brothers.   It's very important to understand that these asshats are behind a lot of the very worst shit going on today in Washington.  They've been massively funding libertarian and conservative schools, think … Continue reading Koch Brothers are Very bad people

Kittens and other thoughts

My bff just got 2 adorable kittens.   And what blog isn't enriched with cute kitten pics?  Keep reading after the pic.  I've been a little lazy the last few days and mostly just added Newspaper articles.  Get ready for some more original analysis and thoughts below the pic.   Marley and Lilly bookends Was at Publix … Continue reading Kittens and other thoughts

Trump Tower Moscow

Wow.  tRump was still trying to build Trump Tower in Moscow After winning republicunt nomination.   Michael Cohen, President Trump's former personal lawyer, made a surprise appearance at the U.S. District Court in Manhattan Thursday where he pleaded guilty to one count of making a false statement to Congress regarding work he did on the development … Continue reading Trump Tower Moscow

New ‘Guidelines’ to States on How to Break ObamaCare

I really wish all the republicant voters would read this and wake up to the fact that the orange asshole is not on their side.   The Trump administration is urging states to tear down pillars of the Affordable Care Act, demolishing a basic rule that federal insurance subsidies can be used only by people buying … Continue reading New ‘Guidelines’ to States on How to Break ObamaCare

Thanks Trump. Your words have real world consequences

Two swastikas and an anti-Semitic slur were spray-painted Wednesday on the walls of a Jewish professor’s office at Columbia University, the latest in a surge of anti-Semitic incidents in New York this year.

Why The Obama-then Trump Rural Area White Voters Are So Angry?

Wow. Just wow. It’s CEOs and others keeping wages low, Not immigrants. Please read this whole article, because that is a vast oversimplification.  The 99% should be furious!  I knew the RepublicanTs had sold out to Mega Corps and Mega Lobbyists, like the NRA, but this one article shows a glimpse of how badly they’ve been screwing every American, except for the 1%, for decades.   If you only read one thing this year, make it Gronda Morin‘s article.  

Also, she mentions the Koch Brothers.  I plan to write several articles about them.  They are the 2nd biggest polluter in the U.S. and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were behind Pollutin Pruitt.   They are for sure behind Judge Bart Kavenaugh, Citizens United and many other lovely things.   Before this re-blog, I’m copy/pasting a pic Gronda had on this article that sums up the economic problem in the U.S. in a way I had not seen before.  My eyebrows were super high after seeing it and I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. 



Gronda Morin

What’s not for average hard working Americans to be enraged against both political parties. Since 1973 until 2018, the US corporate increase in productivity has been around 77% while the average Joe voter wages have been stagnate at less than 13%.

The major reason for the American workers’ stagnant wages has to do mostly with corporate greed but some causes have to do with more US goods being manufactured in other countries where the hourly pay for workers is much less; corporations developing a greater reliance in technology; and there being changes in the culture, like a greater usage by utility companies of renewable sources of energy versus fossil fuel.

But guess who the culprits are making these decisions. They are the corporation executives who recently benefited from a huuuuge 2017 GOP tax cuts bill, and not the other bogeyman (fill in the blank). It was easy pickings for a…

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