New GOP Names

mexican. rapists,drug-dealers muslim. terrorist slavery. mass incarceration jim crow. pic id, signature, Exact Match, provisional ballot coal. clean coal, energy of future green energy. expensive, experimental tRump. Great man wip. comment anything you'd like to add!

Comey Win

I hate how the republiCons lie so much.  Comey wisely asked that the testimony be made public, so they couldn't pull stuff out of context.   House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., issued a statement on Comey's withdrawn objection to the committee's subpoena:"I was disappointed that Mr. Comey filed a motion to quash the subpoena … Continue reading Comey Win

NC Voter Suppression Judge Nomination

The Republicants have been focussing on putting far-right wing judges on the federal bunch.   Bart Kavanaugh, anyone?  Here is another, Thomas Farr, a real piece of shit. "The GOP is becoming whiter and deader", according to Bill Maher.  The Dems are adding young people and the Orange party is aging.  They are desperately clinging to power and … Continue reading NC Voter Suppression Judge Nomination