My Top 3 Causes

#KidsInCages, #ESSfraud Election Machines, and #badKoch are the 3 issues that are the most important to me.


Over 15,000 children are being detained in horrible conditions simply because they have brown skin. There are far more adults in #DonaldsInternmentCamps. Entering the U.S. without the ‘proper papers’ is a misdemeanor. Asking for asylum is legal. #badScotus recently ruled that ICE can detain undocumented immigrants for minor crimes that they committed a long time ago. I think that referring to these places as ‘concentration camps’ is not completely accurate. I think a better parallel is the #JapaneseInternmentCamps from WW2.

There are 4,500+ reports of sexual assault against the children we are holding in these detention centers. There are reports that these kids are threatened with deportation if they don’t behave. There are reports of food being weaponized against these children: behave or don’t get fed.

I don’t have kids. I don’t want kids. But this breaks my heart. How can this be happening? Why isn’t this one of the top stories on the news every single day? What the heck is it going to take to free these children?

You may get tired of seeing me harp on this on Twitter. That’s ok. Just know that I won’t stop talking about this until every single kid is reunited with their parents!

ESSfraud Election Machines

Thank you, @jennycohn1  , for telling me about this and for your exhaustive research into ES&S Election Machines. Or, as I call them, pre-hacked, fake paper ballot #ESSfraud election machines.

I’m in Georgia. In 2002, Georgia started using electronic election machines with NO audit trail! Funny how GA then went from being Democrat for 145 years to Republican. ES&S bought Diebold. Election officials work for ES&S. ES&S admitted last year that their machines had a back door that allowed them to be remotely accessed! W T A F? Now Kemp is trying to buy more of these un-auditable machines, at a cost of $150 million. #RealPaperBallots,  #HandMarkedPaperBallots only cost $50 million.

By using electronic election machines, officials are able to provide too few machines at some polling stations (strong Democratic places). A recent analysis of 2018 mid-terms showed much longer lines in places. With paper ballots, there is no bottlenecking.

The worst part is that no Dems that I talk to in real life have heard about the #ESSfraud machines. Voting is at the heart of our Democracy. I have no trust in ES&S election machines. None.

Please follow @jennycohn1 
Read her fantastic, well-researched articles about #ESSfraud. Then, tell other people.


“Democracy In Chains” is a book that everyone should read. Basically, (and going from memory) SCOTUS desegregated public schools in 1954 Brown V. Board of Education.  An economist named James Buchanan was furious. He invented charter schools. An end-run around Brown V. Board, charter schools were intended to be private “White Only” schools. Bad Charles Koch found out about Buchanan. He gave him a ton of money. Buchanan invented “supply-side economics,” better known as trickle-down economics. He even won a Nobel Prize in Economics for it. It appears that the #badKochBrothers then bought a B actor named Ronald Reagan. He convinced us that large tax cuts for the richest people was a good thing. Ever since Reagan, the #corruptGOP has been cutting taxes on the wealthiest, giving more money to defense contractors, and then claiming we can’t afford social programs.

There is a chart in my Twitter media section that shows the massive transfer of wealth from the 90% to the top 1% that has occurred since Reagan became POTUS in 1980. THAT is why everyone is so mad. The middle class is living paycheck to paycheck because of the GOP. Yet, the GOP blames the Dems. It really is shocking to me after doing my own research and learning the facts.

I wish everyone knew that, for the most part, Donald is classic GOP. The love affair with dictators is known. Being blackmailed by Russia is new. Maybe. It sure does appear that Mitch McConnell and others are doing Russia’s bidding, and China’s bidding as well.

There are FIVE #KochFunded #RadicalFederalistSociety judges on the Supreme Court. The Federalist Society is so extreme that only 4% of lawyers join it. These are big time RWNJs. They want to make abortion illegal. They hate LGBTQ. They seem to hate Hispanic people, too. itch mcCONnell kept many federal judgeships open during the Obama Administration. For the last two years McConnell has been filling all these open positions with #badFederalistSociety judges. I’ve heard that the Federal benches are now 1/6 from some, 10% from others, Donald tRump appointees. I think ALL of those appointment are #RadicalFederalistSociety judges.

The CitizensUnited decision by SCOTUS that called corporations ‘people’ and allowed a flood of #DarkMoney into politics came from them. The gutting of the #VRA #VotingRightsAmendment that allowed GA and many other states to pass racist #VoterSuppression laws is also from the #horribleFederalistSociety judges on #SCOTUS. #badKoch is very, very happy about this.

Do you know about #kochFunded #ALEC? Do a little reading on this. It is shocking. An end-run around lobbying rules.

Decades ago, #cruelKoch came up with a plan to take over America. They have funneled a lot of money into their plan to return us #Feudalism. Charles Koch thinks rich people should be in charge and have all the money. The more I learn about it, the more horrified I am.

I could go on forever about #meanKoch. I’ll do so at another time.


The winner of the 2016 Election was #VoterApathy. Donald is not an anomaly, but rather a symptom of how bad the GOP is. They messed up. We slept through decades of #GOPShenanagins. Now, we are waking up. We crushed the GOP in the mid-terms 2016, #BlueWave2016. I believe we are going to do even better next year. #BlueTsunami2020 . I have a lot of hope. The GOP was doing horrible things for decades. But now we see it. Now we are fighting to inform everyone.

I will keep fighting to free the #KidsInCages and close the #HispanicIntermentCamps.
I will keep fighting to bring the knowledge about ES&S fraudulent voting machines to everyone.
I will keep fighting to make everyone aware of how corrupt and horrible Charles  Koch is.



Huge Thank-You to @CynBlogger for Editing 2nd Draft!

This is the 4th draft. I can’t figure out how to Activate hashtags and I can’t use a plug-in, because it’s part of the biz plan. I just figured out how to Manually add hypertext links to names and to hashtags. It is labor-intensive. I may fix some more in the future.


2 thoughts on “My Top 3 Causes

  1. Terrific blog. All three platforms that you are counting as ultra important are dead on in my opinion. Tomorrow I’ll retweet to my followers as this should be read. Excellent job. Thank you for helping keep us all informed and fighting for western democracy.


  2. OMFG!!! I can’t believe this, but my respect for you found a way to go higher. You totally shine in this format.I’m so impressed.

    Btw, I was really into the Diebold bullshit early on and became so frustrated watching all these states ensuring no paper trail. You may remember the hacker who started to talk about it and died mysteriously?
    Glad you’re on that though.

    I have kids, so don’t even get me started. If I went to a detention center, I’d end up being shot.

    Kochs and ALEC, I’ve been watching for years.

    Great top pics. I am so going to share this with my friends.

    Btw, it says,you’ve been on Twitter a couple of months less than me. How did you get 21K followers, so quick? WTF?


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