Is Seal Team 5 suffering?

Will the Seals that tRump outed have to leave covert ops? Are their families in danger? Will previous operations be compromised? The Best of the Best of the Best spent many years of Hard work to get to the Elite Seal Team 5.

I’m not military. Due to health I would not have been accepted. But, like most big city suburanties, I didn’t even consider it. If I could get a Life Mulligan, joining the U.S. Military would be a high priority. My knowledge comes exclusively from books. Will a Vet please correct any mistakes I make?

This is what I know about Seals. Completing BUD/S is Really Hard. The amount of Mental and Physical demands weed out many. Don’t have the numbers off the top of my head. Perhaps, a SEAL will Comment Below. I can’t tell you how many dozens or hundreds of fiction novels I’ve read about SpecOps, but I can assure you that it is not for the faint of heart. My utmost respect goes to All that are able to complete Special Forces training. That includes Rangers, Force Recon, Green Berets, etcetera. Also, SBS and SAS and all the SpecOps worldwide.

Donald J. Trumpski gets yelled at by somebody. Fakeblond Oxygen Stealing Xenophobes, Mush Limbarf, or maybe the invisible man. Who knows at this point. Maybe his boss, putin, put him up to it. So, the con man goes to Iraq to visit the troops in a war zone. As usual, he makes it all about himself. Likely provided his Campaign paraphernalia, which he then signs for his adoring Military fans. I think this causes the soldiers and sailors to Break the Military Code of Justice. He turns it into a campaign rally. Par for the course. sigh.

But, he’s not done with his latest traitorous spree. He then posts online the Faces of members of Seal Team 5 who are on a Covert Mission. Well, not anyfcking more they’re not. What Vital mission did he screw up?

Worse though, is that he Outed these Covert Operators. Covert means secret. Will ALL of those sailors be Banned from future Covert Missions? Did tRumpski just destroy their careers? If they are captured by an Enemy, of which we have many, they would not be able to deny being American Forces. So, I’m thinking no more Covert missions for them. How many are Furious about this? We may never know. These brave sailors are used to accomplishing missions with no fanfare. No acknowledgment. There is a saying, something about, if you Hear about one of our missions, then we’ve failed.

Past missions. How many Enemy Governments are analysing their archives looking for Footage of these men? How many previously unacknowledged or Denied missions will we be hearing about from them?

The Families. Will their families have to go into Hiding? Will these men and their families now be Targets of our Enemies?

I’ve just about given up thinking they have finally hit the lowest bar. Nope. Pocus45 keeps finding new lows.

I wonder how many people will actually Understand how horribly the orange russian asset just screwed Seal Team 5.

In other Horrible news lately. He had no intention of negotiating for his fake wall. It was just a Big Distraction. Another Big Lie. Guess what? It worked! Who is talking this week about all the Proof that Mueller recently made public that top people around tRump were Spies? Butina – Russian Spy that infiltrated nra and gop. Flynn – 3 star general was a spy for Turkey. (can’t remember if that was proven this week.) He was Fired by President Obama for being an incompetent whackjob. His subordinates referred to his wacky crap as Flynnfacts. Lied to FBI multiple times. Cohen. 3 years in jail for something. He was tRump’s Personal Lawyer and Fixer for 10 years.

Also, the Trump Concentration Camps are still in full swing. Now they are killing little kids. Nielsen doesn’t even Know how many they killed.

Then there was that whole syria thing. You know, where he declared victory over isis and left our Allies the Kurds to die. Russia and Assad and Turkey are Thrilled about it.

Warnings: Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes by Richard A. Clarke. Fantastic book. He is brilliant. Mr. Clarke talked about people that saw disasters coming, told everybody they could, had to watch nothing happen, and then watch the disasters, that they predicted, come true. There was a man in Louisiana. A professor. He said that half the coastal wetlands had been destroyed by oil companies, so the next big hurricane would be much worse. After Years of no officials that he begged doing anything, Katrina came along. As he predicted, it was really bad.

Clarke talks about how the professor talked to a ton of officials, but there were several reasons why they did nothing. I’m going by memory here. The officials all said it was somebody else’s job. It wasn’t a core cause for them. They didn’t want to go out on a limb. Perhaps someone will Comment more about that.

I see exactly the same thing happening with the Illegitimate 45th president. We KNOW he ‘won’ the election because of the biggest cyber psyops Attack to ever hit our country. It was the computer version of Pearl Harbor. But, the president, who Benefited from it, has the power to install sycophants and to delay or impede the investigations. Plus, the GOP Senate, which also Benefited and Used dnc files Stolen by the Russian Government in Advertisements and Debates, has also Conspired to LIE about the investigations.

We have sitting senators and a sitting president installed by a foreign enemy. Why the fck are they not under arrest for Treason? Who’s job is it? Is every agency saying it up to another agency? Are they afraid to go out on a limb? Worried about their stupid Careers?

Impeachment will take too long. And as the orange rat gets more cornered he will become more desperate. This is a man that Controls the Largest Nuclear Arsenal in the world.

I want some Expert to tell me whose job it is to Arrest Potus, when there is more than enough evidence and more than enough actions to prove that he is a Domestic Enemy!

What can you do? RETWEET the fck out of this! If you’re an Expert, please Comment HERE on this blog post. It’s nice on twitter, but tweets have a short shelf life. HERE they will stay forever.

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