IQ45 Cult says Obama is gay

Obama was a teen prostitute in chicago.

Obama killed someone to assume their U.S. identity

Obama is a muslim

These shocking things have been said to me by people i had known for  years or decades.  

Two different people that had never had contact with each other told me that Obama was gay.  I’ve asked some people, “did you know Obama was gay?”.  they look at me like i’m crazy.   i then tell them that MAGAts told me that.   {i know people are born lgbtq.  there is nothing good or wrong about being gay.  it’s just 1 aspect of ppl’s lives.  but, the Right demonizes them and uses the bibble to justify their bs.  so, calling him gay, was intended to make ppl hate him.}

There is a very old political joke.   Ask the candidate if he has ever had sex with a farm animal.  When he says ‘no’, then the headline will be ‘candidate denies having had sex with farm animals.

pizzagate.  accusing people of trafficking children sex slaves is guaranteed to outrage us and make us want desperately to do something about it.  the far-right keeps circulating these horrific lies about Hillary and 1,000s fall for them!

I think some or maybe a lot comes from  al ex   jo n es at  in fo w a rs.   (spaces are like saying He who shall be named or individual1.)   this is the weasel that claimed Sandy Hook never happened.    i don’t know if it’s possible for a shock jock tv person to go any lower.   the worst part is that when i nf o wa  r  OR president sniffles says something outlandish, we brush it off.   BUT, people hear distorted versions 2nd, 3rd hand, etcetera and can fall for it.  it can get more reasonable as it gets watered down.  plus, we trust what our friends and family says more than from strangers, in general. 

the warning signs were there years ago.  i missed them.    when i was told by a person that had been in my life for decades that this person wasn’t a reluctant chump voter because they were a life long republiCon, but because they were all aboard the crazy train, i was shocked. in a long conversation 2 months b4 nov 2016, i said, “that’s racist!”  they replied emphatically, “I AM a Racist.”   that was the last time i spoke to this person.  i caught a lot of sh:t for my decsion to never talk to this person again, but i am sticking to my stance and i feel a lot of pride about that. 

back to this person that told me “Barry” was a teenage prostitute for rich, white males.  {if someone calls one of the greatest Presidents in our history, ‘barry’, you know they are deep into cult45 crazy land.  } 3 years, or so,   i was talking with this person about the new bathroom bill in NC.  he brought up points about transgender people.  i shot them down with a little weapon i like to call Critical Thinking.  finally he gave up and said, ‘well, it’s not like there are that many of them’.   facepalm.   disgust.     several years ago when gas prices were at 4 bucks and the big oil companies were reporting Quarterly (3 months) Profit of 5 BILLION dollars each, i said to him that i thought they were making too much and should lower prices.  his response was that their profit margins were actually very tight.  or some bs like that.   always an answer with repugs.  

2 months ago i was speaking with someone that had been in my life for decades.  he literally asked me, ‘when has trump lied?’    let me reiterate the date.   October 2018.   r u gnikcuF kidding me??    he also said that unions base they pay on minimum wage, so raising the minimum wage would raise union rates. um, ok.  never heard that, but so what?  isn’t that a good thing, when pay goes up?  (As long as inflation doesn’t counteract it, basically.  too complicated to explain here.)  i will never talk to him again.   i caint fix stoopid.   

it is important to understand that only 1 in 4 americans voted for the orange conman.   the big winner in 2016 was voter apathy.  that’s why when people tell me to shut up about politics,  i reply that not talking about it is what the Right wants.  it’s how we got here.  in part.   [yes, i do need to work on my social skills.  i overtalk about trump.  that’s part of why i started this blog and joined twitter.  so, i could try to stop monopolizing personal conversations and rambling on and on.  still having that probable.  but….i see the problem and i am working on improvement. ]     CONservatives are very loud, they cheat like a mother smocker and spend a Ton of corporate dark money.

So, these people i’m talking about are high school dropouts in entry level jobs, right?   nope.   all are college grads or higher.   professionals.  comfortable.  nice houses.  some are millionaires.   that is just shocking to me.  

Let’s use logic and facts to get them to see the truth, you might say.  doesn’t work.  if someone hasn’t realized by now that dontheclown is a Traitor and conman, what the kcuF can we say that will work?   nothing.  

i’ve made many ameteur websites.  i installed and ran a bulletin board on a website,  many years ago.  one day, something controversial came up.  the next thing i know there are a thousand posts.  i was thrilled.   but, then i started thinking about it.  they were rage posts.  i realized i could make money off their rage, but decided that i did not want to be that kind of person.   i deleted all 1,000 posts.   the site failed.   i would rather be poor and good than be rich and bad.   not necessarily a binary choice, but there are many things i won’t do for money.  ppl on their deathbeds talk about what they didn’t do. regrets.  people that are dying don’t brag about wealth.   

I don’t engage with magats on twitter.  at all.  part of the reason is they are so stupid that it’s scary.  they are unstable ish.    i don’t want them mad at me.  last year some of them realized they had gotten conned and started burning their maga hats on youtube.   it was scary that they had learned how to use fire!

we don’t need these ppl.   voter apathy has been the biggest winner in elections for a long time.   i see this time period in many ways as like some of the worst of the 1930s, but some of the best of america in the 1960s.    people are waking up, paying attention, and breaking couchlock long enough to vote. 

someone said recently that being a nazi is easy.  hate is fun.  

on the left we have everyone with a brain and a heart.  a diverse group that sometimes has competing interests.   the elected dems Must make easily visible and provable actions.    they need to make sure that every dem group benefits.  and they need to stop pussyfooting around and being so neutral on some stuff.  guns for instance.  i no longer support the 2nd amendment.  elected leaders and candidates need to say same.  no more of this bs that they support reasonable blah, blah.   get rid of the Fcking machine guns.  now.  over fund the cdc for gun violence research.  

and we need to get the dark money out of politics. 

anyway, i could go on and on. again.  lol.

Shame and ignore MAGAts.   

Don’t forget what the republiKlans are doing to screw the people. 

and for fcks sake, VOTE

be kind.  comment, follow, retweet, and all that.  thanks!

I will never be silent again.  My Name is Steve Herzfeld.    @american2084 on twitter.  


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