Quick News 1. December 15. Some of the Important News you might have Missed. Super condensed and paraphrased. My conclusions.

CBP murders 7 yr old girl

ICE sting uses caged kids to catch 170

DonTheClown is a Speed Freak

mulvaney ‘acts’ as COS to Idiot1

gLop/fox starting to jump off the sinking, orange ship.  that smocking fcker tucker on fox for example.  might just be floating a trial balloon, but likely we are in orange endgame.    (part fact, part opinion) 

prez Hence likely b4 jan3 when new congress gets subpoena power. (my opinion)

clump succeeded  using 5 billion for border or gov shutdown threat as a Distraction

in texas, george w. crackpot judge steals all the oxygen with unhinged, illegal decision to call Obamacare Unconstitutional.   decision is released to public night before deadline to sign up this year.  dontheconman tweets about it 30 minutes later.  succeeded in terrifying millions and changing national conversation.  

nov 7.  POTUS named for 1st time (?) in court documents.  previously was individual1. 

nov 7.  republiKlan closed door hearing in congress on Comey.  transcript released next day.  spent most of the time grilling him about The Emails & Hillary   wtf?

dec 14.    102nd congress says goodbye.  hallelujah.  republiCants had all 3 for 2 yrs. wh, senate, house.  accomplished 1 major piece of legislation.  permanent, mega tax cuts for billionaires (like drumpf and his friends) & corporations.  mega corps used the money to buy back stock.  as they said they would b4 law passed.  also, gop senate approved all of the koch brothers, federalist, whackadoodle, evangelical, etc. Candidates that Orange put  up:  Lifetime Federal Judge seats, the Cabinet, 2 More kock brothers/federalist scotus appointments (beer bart and gore sux).  Note, SCOTUS now has FOUR judges heavily linked to Charles Koch (that i am Aware of):  clarence thomas, chief roberts, gorsuch, kavanaugh.   {ironic that 2 of them LIED their asses off about sexual misdeeds and Crimes.}

horrible Asbestos rule change (june 2018?)

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these are my opinions.  i condensed and summarized a Lot.  there should be enough to google them if you had not heard or want more info.  Also, feel free to ask me any questions.     

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