2020 Election Predictions

I see a Progressive Democrat landslide in the 2020 General Election.  Democrats can run on ‘Not Trump’ and be the bottom of the barrel and win easily.  The Primaries are going to be brutal.  The dem candidates will be fighting to see who can go farther to the left.    

Understand that it’s still over a year in the future.  A lot can happen.   The farther out i predict, the lower the chance of getting all of it right.   I see a dem tsunami for 2020.  I see more candidates like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Beto, Stacy Abrams,  and Gillum winning.   

on Survivor, contestants have to walk a fine line between being strong enough to get others voted off, but not so mean they won’t get the votes of those same people in the finale.

Political candidates normally have to walk that fine line in the Primaries.  bash the other(s) enough to win, but not so badly that it gives the other party plenty of ammunition in november.

That rule book will be thrown out the window during the 2020 democratic primaries.   In november, the worst dem will beat the best republiKlan in many races.

Favored Obnoxious Xenophobes newstainment channel and Grand Old People party are already starting to jump off the sinking orange ship.  Or maybe they are floating trial balloons.   I see donthecon resigning if offered immunity and if the idiots he trust the most can convince him. {d@mn, guess they are going to have to offer immunity to the whole tRump crime family.}  I said a week ago, last fri, that it could happen this week.  still another day left.   But, if not this week, then surely by jan 3.   He will be subpoenaed by the new House.   He can avoid having to share his tax returns and everything else if he resigns.  

Did you notice the body language on pence.   a few days ago the orange moron’s made for tv special went horribly wrong when Nancy Pelosi stomped all over his fat, ugly, orange face.   He was sitting back.  leave me and mother out of this sinking ship.

I’ve already written down many times on this blog and on twitter, that i see President Hence coming soon.  by jan 3, 2019.

People are afraid of him, because he is so homophobic and evangelical and all that weird sh:t.   The spotlight on tRump melted him.   The spotlight will shine too brightly on Wence. he will have trouble getting some of his bullsh;t ‘religious freedoms act’ garbage enacted. 

He will further energize the Left.  Also, dontheclown is the most racist prez we’ve had in a long time.   openly racist.   i wonder how many of his white nationalist cult pals will switch loyalty to the evangelical dude.   maybe they will just retreat back into the dark, smelly holes they slithered out of.    also, many of them are getting arrested, convicted,  bankrupted, etc. 

So, pencyboy will take over.   Then the Fcktard Oxygen-stealing  Oxymorons station and the CONservitave party will yell and shout that they Saved us from tRump.   we won’t fall for that smocking crap.  well, some will.  cain’t fix stoopid.

I could see pence being impeached.  You know he was all in with the russian collusion treason.  he either had to have known or was too incompetent to not have known.   mother won’t be happy.   

hmmm, maybe Speaker Pelosi should give it a couple months and let support build for impeaching him.  rutroh.  potus46 needs a vice president that is worse than him.  oh, oh.  i know.  i know what he could do to protect himself from impeachment.  can any1 say Vice-President of the United States Charles Koch?   i can hear the groans and sound of puking.

People forget fast, but not that fast.  It is mathematically impossible at this point for gLop to reinvent itself enough to not get CuhRushed  in 2020.  

I realized today that the kockbrothers have FOUR people on scrotus.   roberts.   gore sux.   and guess what?   kock supported both of the perv nominees.   beer bart and ……    clarence thomas.      i missed it, but years ago, thomas had to redo his financial disclosures because the brilliant judge had Forgotten the $670,000 dollars his wife was given.  thomas and whatshisface went to a kockbros retreat right before deciding citizens untie us. 

So, we have courts packed with extreme, wackadoodle kockbrothers judges.  they got citizens united decision that legally allowed dark corporate money to flood into politics.  only took 6 years of that dark money, plus russia, and maybe plus middle east, to put another incompetent actor on the throne.   i think kockbros were behind ronald reagan. 

The biggest problem we have is to not get in a cycle of undoing the previous.  chump was all about undoing anything Obama.  the next dem president in 2020 or sooner if both pres and vp get booted and Speaker Pelosi is named pres.  she is 3rd in line starting jan 3.   anyway, the next u.s. prez will be all about undoing everything orange.   it could take many years and in many cases smocking decades to undo the  covfefe damage.  

Also, the people are angry as hell.  morally outraged.  we are being held hostage by a vocal, cheating, racist, and evangelical minority.  the big winner in 2016 was voter apathy.  only 1/4 americans voted for tRump.  

We dems need to cast so many ballots, that no amount of voter suppression, or election fraud can stop us.   We need to be winning with 60%+.   

And, the elected dems need to figure out some goals that are practical, doable, and have a Deadline.  ppl don’t think long-term.  progress on complicated issues isn’t gonna cut it.  

Starting jan 3, the dems need to take some Big action.  number 1 is shutting down the 21st century Concentration Camps.   if they don’t, they will be complicit.   I think Nancy Pelosi should lay out a couple or 3 big plans.  on paper. with deadlines.  make huge posters.  and get the sh:t done!

I really want to be able to point back to this entry and shout, ‘I TOLD YOU SO!’

I will never be silent again.   My Name is Steve Herzfeld.             @american2084 on twitter


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