2020 The Plan

WIP.   Dems need a list of achievable goals with deadlines.  i started thinking about this and the ideas started flooding in.   please Comment below, on this blog, about the ones you are for or against.  and, add yours.  / This is feeling more like a Platform! meant to list a handful of the most important with details and deadlines.  oh, well.  maybe next time.  

– i think overturning citizens united scrotus decision is very important. don’t know how to do it. the legal dark money gave us tRump!

– climate fix changes are top 10.  carbon tax?

-! how about banning non-disclosure agreements for sexual attack/harassment? 

– ! paper ballots!!!  and no ES&S scam scanners for them.

– ! wages! federal min. wage at $15 maybe.

-legalize pot at federal level!

-outlaw ‘religious freedoms’ laws that legalize discrimination against lgbtq –

-national law that prevents any laws about women’s bodies. pro choice.

-repeal of the great Tax Scam 2018.  the one that gave billionaires and mega corporations permanent large tax cuts.  and temporary small tax cuts for middle-class. repugs set that up so dems would take the blame for not continuing the middle class tax cut.   we should not be cutting taxes now.  pay off debt 1st.

-overturn the scrotus decision that gutted the Voter Rights act.  not saying this well.   Georgia, Mississippi, and the other backwards states had to have Federal approval before changing voting laws.  5ish years ago scrotus said these states had ended racism and didn’t need the oversite. which led to massive, legal Voter Suppression.  Exact Match laws scam.  Picture ID laws scam.  etc.  Basically, the new jim crow.  

-ACA (ObamaCare).  repeal all the limitations republiKlans put on it.  restore it to original, but with some wise fixes.

-national voting holidays.  primary and general elections.

-! automatic voter registration at age 18.

-automatic voter rights restored after prison.  regardless of being on parole or probation.

-end private prisons

-limit contributions from all people to politicians. $10 or something Everyone can afford.   zero contributions allowed from corporations.

-!term limits for Congress!!  12 years, maybe.   nmaD tired of people spending decades in washington and then people vote for them, because they have so much power and can bring so much money home with pork barrel spending.  

-truth in advertising on social media.  verified and Vetted accounts only can advertise for anything.

-medicare eligibility for people 50 and older to start. maybe

-free college.  maybe

-!  No Federal money to private schools!  Charter schools were first created after Brown v. Board of Education.  1954.   The ended school segregation.  Some people were furious and started private, white only, school.   can’t begin to explain this.  google it, please.  


-!end mass incarceration.  which is just rebranded slavery.

-! DACA.   official, legal protection.

//jeez.  so much to do!!  will update this as i think of them.  follow via email, so you can remember the link to this post.  see the sidebar.

I will never be silent again.  My Name is Steve Herzfeld.    @american2084 on twitter. 


2 thoughts on “2020 The Plan

  1. Now that’s an ambitious agenda!! Only thing I’d add is a Green New Deal, which some are already talking about. We need a good salesman/woman though. The one thing…and the only thing R’s are good at is lying about D’s. In other words, they’re an effective opposition party. They can’t govern worth a damn. So, we need someone who can navigate these choppy waters. The smear campaigns will be out in full force. Don’t know who it will be but I sure hope we don’t F$$k this up!!


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