Predictions. GOP/fox make Individual1 the fall guy.

Seeing some cracks on tv.  Early indications that his top backers realized that potus45 is done.  By top backers, I mean foxy freaks, CONservatives, and others.  The Facts of Russian Collusion that dropped Friday, dec 7 2018, are causing havoc behind the scenes.

Even cult45 members are just starting to doubt their orange god.   

Individual one has now lost his mother smocking mind.  Not that he ever had one to begin with, but now we are in the endgame.   And he is freaking the smock out.  He just said he will shut the government down if he doesn’t get what he wants.  he says he wants a wall, but it’s a cover story. 

he wants to distract everyone from the Fact that he is in the pocket of the russians.  the russian mob and the russian government is the same.   they were kgb when the soviet union crumbled.  they looted the country.  putin is reportedly the richest person in the world after stealing $200 million dollars from russia. 

if tRump is offered a deal, i think he might take it.  immunity in exchange for his resignation.   but, he might not, because he is a narcissist and may not even truly realize how dekcuF he really is.  they might have to handcuff and drag him out of the white house. what color is white minus orange? 

i think, the deadline is jan 3, 2019.  that’s when the dem majority 116th house is seated.  i am wondering if the TrumpShutDown will mean that they won’t be seated???   that would be a coup d’état.  

tRump shutdown is meant to be the Big Distraction, i think.   will it work?  after dr. ford testified he was doubting beer bart.  bart was playing to an audience of 1 orange idiot.  only he could stop bart from scrotus.  masterful performance that gave donthecon the cover he wanted.   (now bart is laying low.  i wonder how much time will have to pass for kavanaught to be out of danger of impeachment? he might appear to be normal until then.  Then, start banning abortion and giving legal permission for religious people to discriminate against lgbtq. )

 Donald J. Trump cannot  fake normal even for a second.  he looked terrible at the funeral of bush.   i think he got a heads up about the stuff that dropped on fri.

the last 2 years were horrible.  that was when the gop controlled wh, senate, and house.  what did they accomplish?  tax scam for billionaires.  senate OKed all these wacky as fck and corrupt as H*ll cabinet members and worse, lifetime judges.  (new line! –>)  Nominated by Orange, approved by Red.    (oh, how funny, after typing that i started to wonder if it’s any cowinkydck that gop and russian and china are all RED?)[new campaign slogan ‘get the red out’ ?]

the short-term future is much, much worse.  potus45 is crashing.   gop and fox and nra and everybody on the far right is going to Blame him for the mess.   they are going to make him the orange fall guy.  Then, the right will spend 2 years (or however long between when they completely turn and nov 2020), trying to Convince Us that They (the gop) Saved us from tRump.  Trust me.  i’m really smart.  i can see this tihS coming from a mile away.   and i might be the first person saying that.  [got this sht down on paper, er screen, and it’s about to be immortalized in cyberspace.  expect more “i smocking told you SO”s in the future] (i predicted it Would be a blue wave and i predicted the stock market crashing after blue won the midterms2018.   i’ll get around to adding the emails i wrote about that.  remember, i just started speaking publicly in nov 2018.  silent no more!  and i will #resist until i die!  long after #resist fad is over.]

We could be seeing President Pence any day now.  last fri, i predicted that it could come this week.  maybe before jan 3, 2019.   we cannot forget that pence is one weird AF dude.   hates gay people so much, that it sure seems he is in the closet.  nothing wrong about being lgbtq.  nothing wrong with keeping it a secret, out of fear.  but, i got a big smocking problem with signing and promoting fcking Laws that allow evangelicals to legally discriminate against lgbtq.  

Also, pencyboy is up to his eyeballs in russia collusion.   

general Mike Flynn recommended no sense pence to trump as vp candidate.   my bad.   it was manafart that picked pence.   i really can’t keep these convicts separate!!!!

 Obama gave pres-elect tRump two pieces of advice.  one was don’t smocking hire flynn.  the orange idiot ignored him and then had to fire flynn after 3 weeks (forgot how long flynn was there) for lying to vp pence.  or so they said.  

I am afraid that President Hence will pull a beer bart and lay low.   he Can Fake normal.   if he does that for a few months, we could forget all this!   we smocking forgot shitler and got individual1. 

 Dark days ahead.   we can’t forget. and everyone needs to understand the role the russians, koch brothers, mercer, steve bannon and others played in electing tRump.  tRump is not an anomaly.  he is the easily foreseeable consequence of the years of gop racism and corporation ism (sold out to corporations). 

Read. Think. Share. Speak Out.  VOTE blue in Every election. pester your friends and family to VOTE.  voter apathy put the orange in the white (house).

Please help me out.  COMMENT HERE.  you can enter a fake email and name.  i don’t care.   Please RETWEET this article.  I follow back retweeters fast (no magats, sales, bots, etc.).

I will no longer stay silent. My Name is Steve Herzfeld.  @American2084 on twitter. 


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