Exclusive. part 2. Dissecting Comey Interview

page 28 +. was planning to rush through more of it, but too much good stuff.    there are some funny and unbelievable things in it, but it’s really minor news.  especially, compared to the cohen stuff that dropped dec7.   pages 28-43.

this all comes from 

Mr. Gowdy. What is the difference between collusion and conspiracy?

Mr. Comey. I don’t know because I don’t know what collusion means. It’s a term I haven’t heard in my career in the JusticeDepartment, so I don’t know.


howdy gowdy keeps trying to get comey to say ‘collusion’.   still not working

Mr. Gowdy. Let’s assume that collusion and conspiracy are synonyms, and we’ll just use the word “conspiracy” because theword “collusion,” despite its nonstop use, has no criminalconsequences.

Would it be a crime to access the DNC server or Podesta’semail without permission or in an unlawful way?

Mr. Comey. That’s a hard one to answer in the abstract.It’s potentially a crime whenever someone either, withoutauthorization, enters a computer system or conspires to entera computer system without authorization.


wtf? howdy got to put down on record that conspiracy = collusion.  then he changed the subject.  those are Not synonyms, you idiot.

‘would it be a crime to do something unlawful.’   you really can’t make this tihS up.

anyone in the Trump campaign conspired to hack the DNC server?Mr. Comey. Did we have evidence in July of ’16 that anyonein the Trump campaign conspired to hack the DNC server? Thechallenge in answering that is — and please don’t take thisnonanswer to imply that there is such information.I just — I don’t think that the FBI and special counselwant me answering questions that may relate to theirinvestigation of Russian interference during 2016. And I worrythat that would cross that line, Mr. Gowdy.



Mr. Gowdy. All right. Well, I’m not asking you what happened after the initiation. July 2016, when this waslaunched, when Peter Strzok drafted the initiation documents,did the FBI have evidence at the time that any member of the Trumpcampaign conspired to access the DNC server?Mr. Comey. And, again, the challenge with answering thatis it’s a slope to answering questions about what we did or didn’tknow about Russian activity and the connection of any Americansto it during 2016, and I think that implicates the same problemI just talked about.Mr. Gowdy. Well, Director, we’re trying to understand what .the factual predicate for launching a counterintelligenceinvestigation was. 29

no you’re not.  trying to understand the facts.  this is a political hit job.  
Peter Strzok.  again.  

Mr. Comey. Sure. I understand the gravamen of yourquestion.

Mr. Gowdy. You can’t tell us, or you won’t tell us? 


had to look up ‘gravamen’.  so, might as well share.   “‘the essence or most serious part of a complaint or accusation.”     why am i thinking, “You can’t Handle the Truth!”?

Mr. Comey. Probably a combination of both; that is, as Isaid in response to your earlier question, I don’t rememberseeing the opening memos on counterintelligence cases opened inlate July, so I can’t recall exactly what the predication was.But, to the extent I recall facts developed during ourinvestigation of Russian interference and the potentialconnection of Americans, I think that’s a question that the FBIdoesn’t want me answering. So it’s both a can’t and a won’t.


nice response.  i was hearing, “kcuF you”.

Mr. Gowdy. Do you believe your firing is evidence ofobstruction of justice?Mr. Comey. I don’t know that I can answer that questionbecause I’m not — because I’m a witness, in a sense. I don’tknow the universe of facts that would reflect on that, so I can’tanswer it. 


remember, the republicants dragged the former director of the fbi in for the whole day on Dec 7.  pearl harbor.  for this crap.

blah, blah, blah

Mr. Gowdy. Yes. Director Comey, you’re familiar with thememo drafted by Rod Rosenstein. You have not talked to RodRosenstein, as I understand your testimony. Do you believe thememo, just on the cold four pages of the memo, four corners ofthat document, do you believe it provides sufficient basis foryour termination? Even if you would have done it differently,is it a basis for your termination?

Mr. Comey. I can’t answer that, Mr. Chairman, because it requires me to get into the mind of the decision maker, who is the President, and I’m not in a position to do that.   


i am really grinning bigly now.  in other words,  i’m not in a position to get into tRumps mind.   too funny.  i don’t think Anybody is.  also, everyone is at the other end getting their orange lipstick from his fat a$$.    

Mr. Ratcliffe. Director Comey, I’d like to ask you somequestions about the events surrounding your July 5th, 2016, pressconference to announce your decision not to charge HillaryClinton for the mishandling of classified information.


finally getting to a new questioner.  ratcliffe.   {don’t  say it don’t say don’t say it}  RatF*ck          {couldn’t stop myself}

One of the things that happened the week before that pressconference was, on June 27th of 2016, a meeting between AttorneyGeneral Lynch and former President Bill Clinton, a meeting thatgot a lot of attention. Do you recall that?Mr. Comey. I do recall press coverage of a meeting on June27th. Mr. Ratcliffe, one thing I have to make sure is clear.You said my decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton. I madea recommendation on behalf of the FBI to the Department ofJustice. I just want to make sure that’s precise. I do recallthe coverage around that meeting.Mr. Ratcliffe. And that is a meeting that took place ona tarmac in Phoenix, Arizona?


Mr. Ratcliffe. Highly unusual for an Attorney General to meet with the spouse of the subject of one of her investigations.Do you agree with that?Mr. Comey. I would agree with that.  


no putting words in his mouth, at all.   the meeting sounds suspicious.  but, it should noted that said spouse is former president of the u.s., bill clinton.   and we have no proof of what was said.   not saying to let them off the hook, but when you consider how hard comey dekcuF hillary with the press conferences, i think we can move on from this tihS.   

think, unprecedented step of holding the press conference on July5th of 2016?Mr. Comey. Yes. I remember it being a factor, animportant factor in my decision to step away from the AttorneyGeneral. I think I’ve talked about it in a variety of differentcontexts. But I was very concerned by the appearance of thatinteraction.Mr. Ratcliffe. You mentioned it was one of a number ofthings that caused you to take that action, correct?Mr. Comey. Correct.  


the appearance of wrongdoing.   that was how it was bi1, before individual 1.  now we how the orange conman committing crimes and treason on tv and we do nothing.   

Mr. Ratcliffe. One of the other things that you wereconcerned about was material or documentation, as yetunverified, indicating some possible agreement between AttorneyGeneral Lynch and the Clinton campaign about the investigation,correct?Mr. Comey. Not that second piece because I’ve beenvery — tried to be very careful in public comments about this.There was material that had not been verified that I believedif it became public would be used to cast doubt on whether theAttorney General had acted appropriately with respect to theinvestigation. I haven’t gone — I don’t think I’m allowed to    


go beyond that in characterizing that material.Mr. Ratcliffe. It was information that would, you believe,if released, have caused some to question the objectivity of theDepartment of Justice?Mr. Comey. Correct.  


first time i’m hearing this.  i wonder how many of those republiCons have seen this in classified briefings.

Mr. Ratcliffe. Did you share with the Attorney General orthe Deputy Attorney General or anyone at Main Justice yourconcerns that this information raised about the AttorneyGeneral’s either real objectivity or the perception of herobjectivity?Mr. Comey. Yes.Mr. Ratcliffe. Who? Who did you raise that with?Mr. Comey. My recollection is that, at some point in thefirst half of 2016, both the Deputy — that the Deputy AttorneyGeneral was briefed on the nature of that material, and at sometime after that, the Attorney General was briefed and interviewed about the nature of that material.   


when do We get to see ‘that material’?

Mr. Ratcliffe. Why wasn’t that interview recorded?Mr. Comey. The interview wasn’t recorded because the FBIdoes not record noncustodial, voluntary interviews.  


i skipped some of the stuff before this quote.   i want to know why the feebees don’t record those types of interviews.  i think they should record Everything!

“I think you had a conversation with InspectorGeneral Horowitz about that. On page 141 of the inspectorgeneral’s report.”  


below is referring to ig report 

Mr. Ratcliffe. So I’m reading for the record: Comey toldus that he did not remember discussing with anyone thepossibility of subpoenaing Clinton before the grand jury.However, he stated: At that point, I really didn’t think therewas a there there. And the question was, is she going to lieto us?


now i see were @billmaher got ‘there there’.     oh.  so, comey thought hillary might lie to a grand jury, so he didn’t call one.   really?  and yet he has said so much about the ‘appearance of wrongdoing’.    shaking head.   i’m not sure how to feel about this.  

Mr. Comey. I don’t think that’s exactly right. Myjudgment going into the interview was that we had not foundsufficient evidence to recommend prosecution for any substantiveoffenses related to the mishandling of classified information.Still a possibility that she would lie to us and give us an openingto prosecute her or that there would be further investigation.But going into it, based on almost a year of investigation, Ididn’t see a substantive case there.


in ig interview, after a YEAR of investigation hillary, comey was thinking there isn’t enough for a real case.  in court.  was just googling ‘substantive case’. 

not sure i got that right.  i’m not a lawyer. 

Mr. Ratcliffe. Do you recall, Director Comey, an exchangethat you and I had? You appeared before the House JudiciaryCommittee on September 28th of 2016, and I asked you a question.I said: Did you make the decision not to prosecute or not tocharge Hillary Clinton for the mishandling of classifiedinformation before or after her July 2nd, 2016, interview? Andyour answer was: After.

Do you recall that?

Mr. Comey. Yep.     


might be overanalyzing, but comey is usually formal and precise.  maybe it’s just me, but when he said ‘yep’, i think he was thinking, ‘wtf? why are we still going over and over and over this tihslluB.    [backwards.  😉 ]

Mr. Ratcliffe. When I asked you how that could possiblybe the case, your response was: If colleagues of ours think I’mlying, please have them contact me privately.Now, I will tell you, Director, when I asked you thatquestion and you gave me that answer, there were a number ofthings that I was not aware of. One of the things that I didn’tknow was that the day before the interview, the Hillary Clintoninterview on July 1st, Lisa Page texted Peter Strzok aboutLoretta Lynch and her decision to follow your recommendation,and said, quote: Yeah, it’s a real profile in courage, sinceshe — meaning Lynch — knows no charges will be brought.Do you recall reading that text anywhere, or hearing aboutit?    


i think ratfck is going too deep in the weeds.  now we have lisa page’s name on the record and peter’s again.   

Mr. Comey. I don’t remember I read it. I think I’ve heardabout it in the media.Mr. Ratcliffe. It’s also in the inspector general report.Did you read the inspector general report?Mr. Comey. I did, so I must have seen it there. Yes, Iread it, so I must have seen it there.Mr. Ratcliffe. Well, the text doesn’t — doesn’t say thatHillary Clinton might not be charged or that charges probablywon’t be brought. It says that the Attorney General knows thatcharges won’t be brought.Do you have any explanation for why Lisa Page, Peter Strzok,and Attorney General Loretta Lynch might have known that Hillary 
Clinton wasn’t going to be charged before her July 2nd, 2016,interview if you hadn’t made the decision yet?   


how about because it was all bull tihS?   and they would not have risen as high in the fbi as they had if they were 1/2 as stupid as ratfcker.   imo

blah, blah

Do you still think that the answer that you gave me onSeptember 28 of 2016 was an accurate statement?

Mr. Comey. I do.

Mr. Ratcliffe. Do you think that that statement was at all misleading to me or other Members of Congress?

Mr. Comey. I guess I can’t speak to your mental state. It wasn’t intended to be misleading.


my mouth is still hanging open.  what a great burn!    in other words, “i can’t call you nuts, but know that i am thinking it!”

and, i’m done.  p 27-43   will there be a part 3?  up to you.   i loved having so many people look at the first 27 page dissection, but i’m needing some comments.  below.    got some good feedback on twitter from a couple ppl, though.   thanks!    so, Please Comment.   make up a fake name and email if you want to.  just Comment!  it can be one word:  sucks, awesome, more, boring, stupid.   whatever.  i want honest feedback and i have a thick skin. death threats make me giggle.   i  Delete Hate Speech, but not honest opinions, or onions.   you can leave 3 words if you like, or leave a thousand.  i actually prefer lots and lots of words.     some Retweets From Here would be amazing, too.  if it lets you.  tell me if it doesn’t.  thanks all!


2 thoughts on “Exclusive. part 2. Dissecting Comey Interview

  1. Great 2nd installment. Thanks so much for taking the time. Do you think Comey is aware that his actions can be construed as detrimental to HRC? I think he is a straight arrow, but like all these guys, arrogant as tiSh!


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