New Names

WIP  dec 13 2018
repug, republiCON, republiCANT, republiKKKan, republiKlan  (republican)

Glop, gLop, Grand Old People  (GOP)
lindsey grahamcracker, lindsey flipflopper (gop a$$hat)

kock brothers, smock brothers  (koch brothers. pronounced coke.)

iwanka, i wanna (ivana)
sarah suck a bee (huckabee) 

what a faker (whitaker)

Farting Orange Xenophobia,  Flatulating Obnoxious Xeros, Foxes & Freaks, For Old Xwhitepeople , Featured On Xenon, Featuring Obnoxious Xairheads, Foxy Freaks, foxs and freaks, american pravda 

gore sucks (gorsuch)
scrotus (scotus/supreme court)    

CONservative, cons serving hives  

LIEbertarian   (libertarian)

howdy gowdy, howdy gowdy time (gop rep trey gowdy)                                       jared kushTurd 

evil incarnate, bet c devolved       (betsy devos)

king tRump the Terrible Tyrant, orange conman a$$hole, Individual 1,
Traitor Scum, tariff baby, Smocker-in-chief,  last gop president, convict1, fatty-five (?), felonious tRump 

rudi doody ghouly on a knee, goo lie any, coffin escaper (guiliani)   {ghouly is my fav. can we make it a Thing?}

Rudy Tutti Frutti Ghouliani    #RudyDoodyGhoullyOnAknee

bart kavaNot, beer CaveALot, barrett wack ah naw (kavanaugh)

fall down the well, fall well into hell {?}  (falwell, jr.)                                                      {not advocating for violence. just make a pun on his name. in fact, i am strictly non-violent urging.}

[follow & check back.  adding new ones as i think of them]

most of these are originals. some are stolen.  [i’ve been adding some more to this one, so keep checking back!]

@billmaher @realtime #newRules
you asked us to come up with some
clever names for GOP. here ya go.


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