‘No Jail’ Deal for tRump?

Just speculating.  What if don the con is offered a deal that includes him resigning as potus45 in exchange for no jail time for him and his weird offspring?  He is not a good negotiator.  Bet he would take a deal to save himself, even if it meant throwing his kids under the jail.  

One of the things i hate most about the old, white people that vote CONservative is how they are voting not only against their own self-interests, but against their descendants’ self-interests as well.  I know several that seem to not care about the bad air or the debt they leave behind, as long as their stock market account goes up a penny.   

As i learn more about the decades of destruction the GOP party has wrecked (?) on America and the world, the more disgusted i am.  I’ve been happy to see people leave the Pee Party, but now i’m questioning how they put up with decades of union busting, welfare busting for the poor, welfare for corporations, etc., etc.   Why did it take the Extremenous of the orange scumbag for them to leave?  

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the cohen memo that dropped yesterday.  For the first time, the Special Counsel has publicly provided PROOF that Donald J. Trump committed Treason.  He Colluded with the russian Government.   Before he was elected.  Considering how close the voting margin was, that means he did steal the election in 2016.   (i bet it’s the CONservatives who support keeping the scam we call the electoral college.)

I doubt don the con will ever see a day in jail.  All he has to do is make a deal to resign.   People will be celebrating in the streets.  And will quickly forget that the only consequence for him was to lose his job!  But…he is so stupid and narcissistic that he may very well say no to a deal.  The republiCons in the senate may very well Appear to grow a background and support impeachment, because then that would deflect attention from themselves and the gop.   

I predicted the post midterm election 2018 stock market crash.  I give it a 75% chance that trump is out of the white house This week.   And then we will have President ‘NoSense’ Pence.  Which might be even worse in some respects.  And then the resisters might feel we’ve won and go back to ignorance and voter apathy.   

Just realized, this would be the very bestest time for tRump to start a war.  Not a trade war, but an actual war.  What will he do get the attention off his felonies?


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