I’m Done with Silence

After years of silence and trying to think of a way to speak out publicly, but anonymously, I finally said fck it, recently.  I was afraid that if I said what I felt, that some #Cult45 ashat would beat me up or something.  Still a little afraid, but what I say would get me jailed, tortured, or killed in many countries.   Grateful for the accident of birth that I’m a white guy in America.  And as woke as a white guy can be.  I hope. 

Recently I made my very first political contribution.  It was to Vote.org  for $3.  Then gave the same amount to Stacey Abrams.   I’m poor or it would have been more.   (Major health issues.) [That’s why I added a paypal donate button and ads.  Really just hoping to pay the cost of this blog. Not expecting to get rich.]  So, vote.org sends me an email telling me they joined with nextdoor.com and have a vote map.  So, I joined them.  Entered my real name and info.  Then I got an email from #StacyAbrams a few days after the nov 7, 2018 election asking everyone to ask friends, etc. if they had used a #ProvisionalBallot and to tell them they needed to fix whatever the problem was or it wouldn’t be counted.  I came up with a catchy headline, something like, Will your provisional ballot get thrown in the trash.  The first response was an asshole asking me if I want some Whine with my cheese and he declared, Kemp Won!  Fair and Square!  I was shocked as there had been so many national articles about #Kemp #VoterSuppression .  I expected to get beat up, not insulted!  I was furious.  I quickly typed up a serious burn and saved it on my computer, but did not post it. 

I had literally copy/pasted the email from Stacey Abrams and it had #TeamAbrams on the bottom.  People started saying we don’t want to hear about politics here.   It was partisan, etc.   I said that it would have been disingenuous of me to not have the team abrams, because it was a copy/paste.  I said that #FairElections and #CountingAllTheVotes wasn’t partisan.   Somebody, said that it wasn’t partisan, it was patriotic.  Liked that!  Anyway, most of the people were nasty as fuck to me.   And said stupid ass shit.   Which really pissed me off. Which motivated me to start this Blog!  [My post was deleted from nextdoor.  I had the foresight to take screenshots.  Plan to post them at some point with the names redacted to protect the guilty.]

I decided to go with my real name.  It is quite liberating!  If someone is offended by my words, too fcking bad.  These are my thoughts.  My opinions.   

So, I started this blog like 3 weeks ago.  Decided to join #Twitter to promote it even though I hate social media.  Funny thing happened.  I’m loving twitter.   Loving #Resist #FBR #FBRparty or whatever it is.  In 4 days, I think, I now have over 200 followers!  Holy shit.   And I’m a bit humbled, because there are some smart as sh:t #Resisters .  Way smarter than I am.  

Left facebook a couple years ago.  So, I go to make an account there.  To link it with this blog.  I entered all my real info.  Sent pic of my drivers license.  Fckers banned my account!  Had only been on for 2 hours.  Was still filling sh;it out.  I appealed, but who knows.  The idiots that broke democracy.

I have a prediction to make.  #Resist is a fad.  When a Democrat gets elected to the White House, many people will go back to being apathetic.  Look at the fcking runoff in Georgia today.   We had a chance to put a dem in as Secretary of State to end the #VoterSuppression and he got his @$$ kicked.  The ashole that won only got less than a million votes.  Stacey Abrams got almost 2 million, I think.  So, people got bummed out that Stacey lost and did not show up.  D@mmit!  Oops, got off topic.  Happens a lot.  lol.   Anyway, at the age of 48, I think I’ve finally found my bliss.   Calling out the #RepubliCONs .   When everybody else has gone back to lala land, I’ll still be here.  I’ll be reading the congressional testimonies and the grand jury testimony and deep-diving the stuff that I want to know more about.  And sharing it with you!

I’ve really just barely begun.   I have a LOT to say.  And some of it is stuff that I haven’t seen anywhere else.  Original thoughts.   I’ve read thousand of books.   I love History.   I read tons of war and cold war books.  Then got into Tom Clancy technothrillers.   Finally embraced my inner nerd and started reading Sci-Fi.  I love me some sci fi.   Especially space war.  I am a Super reader.  It’s my super power.  I also have an amazing memory.  And I’m humble.  Not.  Most importantly, I think!  I don’t take what is said for granted.  I analyze.  I compare it in my mind with what I already know.  Critical Thinking!  

This is basically second draft.  Great is the enemy of good.  I’m going for good enough.   Would love to have an editor if anyone wants to volunteer.  I would of course share any revenue after expenses, so don’t hold your breath.   Not in it for the money.  Really, this is for me.  I Have to Get It Out.   Would be way cool if others get something out of this.   

I hope you’ll follow this blog and follow me on twitter.  @american2084 

I hope you’ll tell all your #Resist friends, too.  


⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ R E T W E E T ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇



5 thoughts on “I’m Done with Silence

  1. Hiya, Steve! Thoughtful piece. I’m not sure the resistance is a fad that will die off any time soon, at least not until we vote out as many GOP politicians as possible. At least that’s my hope!

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