Do You Want to Know How We Got Here?

It didn’t happen in a day or even a year.  tRUMP is not an anomaly, but rather a predictable outcome.   I had no idea how horrible the republiCON party was.   tRUMP is a symptom.   Nancy MacLean wrote an amazing book called “Democracy In Chains”, which I really want to read, but can’t afford.  hint hint.  

This is an article that gives some great information about her book.  It is eye-opening and shocking.  It sounds like a conspiracy theory until you realize that it’s just facts that are public and have been.   There is no pulling threads and making theories and all sorts of bullshit.    The Koch Brothers made a plan.  It was written about.   They’ve been carrying it out for decades.  They are America’s second biggest polluters.  Follow the money, right? 

 MacLean was stunned. The archive of the man who had sought to stay under the radar had been left totally unsorted and unguarded. The historian plunged in, and she read through boxes and drawers full of papers that included personal correspondence between Buchanan and billionaire industrialist Charles Koch. That’s when she had an amazing realization: here was the intellectual linchpin of a stealth revolution currently in progress.

Please forward the headline link to my blog.  I plan to write a lot more about #KochBrothers  #VoterSuppression  #Gerrymandering etc.  

If the Orange Asshole Conman disgusts you, then get yourself educated on what is happening.  #VOTE and ask all your friends and neighbors to #VOTE  


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