Kittens and other thoughts

My bff just got 2 adorable kittens.   And what blog isn’t enriched with cute kitten pics?  Keep reading after the pic.  I’ve been a little lazy the last few days and mostly just added Newspaper articles.  Get ready for some more original analysis and thoughts below the pic.  

Marley and Lilly bookends

Was at Publix and mentioned to the bagger that I voted early last week, because it’s the only things you can do as an adult and get a sticker!   She said her professor was on her to vote.   I mentioned that I believe not voting is to say you’re ok with tRUMP saying that some neo-nazis are good people after Charlottesville.  And I wasn’t ok with Kemp deleting 1 million voters.  Her eyebrows raised and she asked, “really”?   How do people not know this shit?   I told her the name of my blog.  [I hope you and your cashier visit!] (And yes everyone, I realize that I’m not good with polite public small talk, but I’m OK with being the socially awkward genius that I am.  I can fake being normal in public when I want to.  lol.)

There is a guy named euclides or something that responded on Twitter to me about Abrams’ lawsuit that it was just about campaign talking points.  I told him about some of the evidence like 40,000 phone calls to Stacey’s voter hotline.  He said that was normal.  Really?   I really don’t get how people can buy the Fox and Freaks and Republicant party lines.  Was at a blog that said the liberal media is conspiring to herd us. I said the media isn’t out to get him, they just want to make money.  It’s like 10s of millions of Americans have never heard of the 1984 Orwellian tactics of propaganda.   

I added a Twitter acct a couple of days ago.  The sole purpose is for getting more viewers.  I hate twitter and fb.  Left fb 2 years ago.  Was never much for twitter.  I’m old-ish.  Will probably add a facecrap account for this blog, though.  Also, I’ve been commenting on other blogs for the purpose of getting attention for mine.  It’s not totally mercenary, though.  I’ve come across some great blogs and subscribed to them. Haven’t really put much effort into promotion, though.  Would rather someone else do it and I’ll focus on what I think it’s important to write about. Also, still seeking a volunteer editor.   I want to tell everyone more about the Koch Brothers.   More about Republicon efforts for many years to ‘reduce government’, which is code for less social security and other things that are very important.  I also plan to share my thoughts on Afghanistan vs. Vietnam.  So many parallels there. 

This is Not normal!  How many kids are growing up today that don’t know it’s not normal for a President of the United States to tell over 5,000 lies in two years?  Poor teens.  One of the top 5 Presidents in our history followed by the worst one.  I know a lot about history, but not enough to know if tRUMP’s cabinet is the absolute most corrupt and incompetent, but I know of no evidence to contradict that.  

Betsy Devos is protecting males from false rape accusations.  Despite that happening rarely.  Like less than 1%.  Why do all republicants hate women so much?  And she is protecting scam for-profit colleges.  Her husband and her spend decades destroying the public schools in Michigan.  Putting all that Amway money to good use.  And her brother founded Black Water.

Wilbur Ross, the sec of some shit, was caught still investing in a russian company.  when the nyt called to ask him about it, the asshole Shorted the company.  He made a profit on the news of him being shady!  He also falsely claimed to be a billionaire for years.  And is accused of stealing over $100 million.   The best. Only the very best, very stable geniuses.  

How come nobody said anything about the only African-American in the cabinet being put in charge of the projects?  And he quickly got into trouble for overspending on his office and then blamed it on his wife.  Classy.

Pollutin Pruitt, former coal lobbyist, was in charge of EPA for a while.  Then he got canned for weird ass spending of tax dollars.  Private security, $43k private phone booth for his office.  Weird shit like that.

The little guy that was the nation’s top cop.  He used to like the kkk until he found out they smoked pot.   Replaced by a noname that publicly stated on CNN that he would shut down Mueller.  And  he was part of a scam company in Florida.  He Threatened unhappy investors.  He told them he was a former assistant district attorney (scary, but true) and threatened them with legal action.  Unfuckingbelievable.  

It’s mega critical to understand that the orange conman can only get away with this shit because the replicons in the House and Senate let him!  All the cabinet losers got Approved by the Senate.  And they are afraid to stop him, because then the tRUMP CULT of America will vote their asses out.  

In the future, I plan an article on New Names.  Pollutin Pruitt.  King Trump the terrible tyrant.   And more.

So, look.  I really want some feedback from everyone.  Like this?  Hate it?  Say something.  Currently, comments are not moderated.  (not on purpose anyway, and I check the spam folder).  Comments section asks for name and email, but I don’t think it checks, so make up a name if you don’t feel comfortable using your own.  Your comment can be one word.  Sucks.  Brilliant.  Awful.   Whatever you want, but I really want some feedback.  Suggestions for improvement would be quite welcome.  Thanks everybody!


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