I Love Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

She is amazing.  I don’t know that we can afford medicare for all, but it is a worthy goal.  I would like to see medicare Eligibility for all, but I don’t know how much that would cost. 

Noticed that for 2018 federal taxes, the highest income amount that is taxed is half a million dollars.  Why not charge a higher amount if someone makes 10 million a year?  Or a hundred million a year?  Doesn’t pass my bullshit detector.  Note, that I have no stats or facts to back that up.  Totally just my opinion on something at first glance. 

I heard we are the only first world country that doesn’t have health care for all.  Heard we are the only country that has advertisements on tv for medicines.  Don’t know if it’s true, but those two things would certainly fit into my knowledge and analysis of our country today. 

So, go out and fucking vote!  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat a 10-term congressman.  And run for office if you’re a good person.  

In my on-boarding to Congress, I get to pick my insurance plan.As a waitress, I had to pay more than TWICE what I’d pay as a member of Congress.It’s frustrating that Congressmembers would deny other people affordability that they themselves enjoy. Time for #


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