Less Cow Farts to Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

LMAO.  This is so funny, but rather interesting.   And my title is way better than theirs!

Bill Gates on Axios on HBO a few days ago talked about the importance of understanding the pie of greenhouse gasses.  I think it was 25% cars and 25% animals.  Something like that.  [This is where having a volunteer editor would be way cool, so that someone could research that and state the facts instead of my recollection.  I finally got around to trying out the quote feature and i think it looks better than my previous newspaper ones, but not sure if it should have quote marks or if the italics is enough.  Great is the enemy of good.  I’m going for good enough, which is a big change for me as I’m a perfectionist.]

By adding a small amount of seaweed to the animals’ feed, researchers found, they could cut the cows’ methane production by nearly 60%.

Each year, livestock production pumps out greenhouse gases with the equivalent warming effect of more than 7 gigatons of carbon dioxide, roughly the same global impact as the transportation industry. Nearly 40% of that is produced during digestion: cattle, goats, and sheep belch and pass methane, a highly potent, albeit relatively short-lived, greenhouse gas.


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