Sick and Tired of GA voter suppression? Vote Early in December 4 Secretary of State Runoff

Vote Early Mon-Fri 11/26 – 11/30 at 455 Grayson Hwy, Suite 200; Lawrenceville, GA 30046.  I will give you a ride if you need it, regardless of party affiliation, or help you find a ride.  

I’m voting for Democrat John Barrow for Sec State and  Lindy Miller for Public Service Commissioner.  Both have been endorsed by Stacey Abrams.  I’m sure both reject the lies and cheating from the RepubliCon party.  

For 8 years we have seen horrific voter suppression from Kemp.  He was so successful that he racist his way to the Governor’s Mansion.  Now is the time to end that shit.  I suspect Barrow will accept the Free help from DHS to examine the Security of our election systems.  Kemp told them ‘no’.  I suspect he will work hard to make sure every eligible voter is given the help needed to fix any problems that lead to receiving a Provisional Ballot.

I have written already here about some of the Kemp voter suppression and the Mass Deletion of voting records at Kennesaw State U. after a lawsuit was filed. 

The new Newt Gingrich talking point is about calling us sore losers or something.  I want FAIR Elections.  Every vote should be counted.  

I bet the turnout for runoffs is lower than midterms even.  A small group of people will decide whether we keep the messed up status quo for our election system or Fix it!

Even Brian Kemp had a problem when voting!  Stacey Abrams had a problem voting and had to talk to an election supervisor to fix it.  She kept it quiet until after the election, so she could focus on the Issues.  If she wasn’t a Yale educated lawyer, would her vote have counted?

I’ve read many stories about problems on election day Nov 7, 2018.   4 hour lines in Atlanta.  People told they couldn’t vote and not given provisional ballots unless they ‘asked’ for one.  Kemp closed over 200 polling stations in the last 8 years to ‘save money’.  Bet you can guess Where those polling stations were located. 

A man had a space in his last name.  Del something.  One of the GA databases doesn’t allow for spaces, so they scrunched his name.  That put him afoul of the racist/sexist Exact Match law in GA.  And can that even be fixed?  They let him vote after he talked to a supervisor, I think.  How many didn’t have the courage to ask questions and just left?  

Please Vote Early.  Please ask your friends and family to vote early.  Studies show a phone call or text to people you know can have a big effect on getting them to vote.  Also, please ask your friends and neighbors if they are Registered to Vote.

See Something, Say Something.  LOL.  I see a big problem with Georgia’s Election System.  I want it fixed.  Who will more likely fix it?  A democrat or a republiCon?


Advance Voting Runoff Times and Location
Monday – Friday, November 26 – 30, 7:00am – 7:00pm

Elections Office

455 Grayson Highway
Suite 200
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Sample Ballot and Register to Vote Online:

You need a laptop or desktop to use the Georgia My Voter page.  On smartphones it’s the worst app I’ve ever seen in my life and very, very hard to use.  Wonder why?  Oh yeah, younger people, who are  more likely to vote democrat are more likely to use smartphones.  Thanks Kemp.  



4 thoughts on “Sick and Tired of GA voter suppression? Vote Early in December 4 Secretary of State Runoff

  1. Thanks for sharing this extremely important and truthfull information. You are a patriot and hero for getting this info out. I’m glad we connected through the Text Out the Vote program!

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  2. Isn’t it odd that every time you hear of voter suppression that it is a Republican or the Republican Party itself trying to suppress peoples right to vote? I am going to reblog this article for you.

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    1. and the most hilarious thing to me is that based on demographics, it’s the republicons that are going to be crying for fair elections in the future. let’s have elections on smart phones only and see how the old folks like it. muahahaha. and i can’t believe they support the party that wants to cut their medicare and social security!


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