Celebrating the theft of America from the Natives

Happy Turkey Day!  Hope everyone enjoyed theirs.  I sure did.  Meal with the family.  

It’s not lost on me that white, European settlers came here and took what they wanted.  The U.S. wouldn’t be the richest, strongest country in the history of the world if they hadn’t.  But, all of them were immigrants.   And the Native Americans probably came here from Siberia over the land bridge and some may have come by boat.  New immigrants have always faced challenges ever since.  The Irish after the potato famine for example.   Why do we claim to love immigrants, but treat them so badly?  It’s immigrants that breath fresh life into our country. 

Mexican illegal migration is one of the Big Lies the orange asshole used to gain power.   The fact is that undocumented immigration was at record lows, i think.  In the previous 10 years before trump announced his candicacy the net number of Hispanic undocumented immigrants was Negative 1 million.  Yes, one Million more illegals had Left the U.S. than entered!  Another Big Lie is the fear of Muslim terrorists.   More people have been killed in America by White Nationalists in the last few years than by ISIS/Al-queda people.  We are fighting the last war. As Usual.  Anti-Semitic stuff were up 57% in 2017 and one of the orange asshole’s acolytes carried out the worst murder of Jews in our country’s history a few weeks ago.  More on the unseen danger of neo-nazis another time.

I read today that undocumented Hispanics are afraid to apply for food stamps, because of a new policy that says they’re less likely to get citizenship the more gov help they get.   I saw tv a couple of months ago that Hispanic communities are terrified to send their children to school or even go to the grocery store.  In Miami, charities are delivering food to them.

There are so many damn propaganda lies being spread from the Administration.  And amplified by Fox and Freaks.  In the real world, undocumented immigrants commit less crime than the average American.  Also, mentally ill people commit less crime than average people, yet are more likely to be Victims of crime.  I really, really wish people would Read more!  

You have to understand that the Don’s hardcore supporters are racist and/or evangelicals.   For many of the racists, they just need some cover.  See my article about Racists In Denial.  Give them some good lines and they feel justified in their support of the greatest president in the history of everything.   I was in shock for 3 days after he got elected.  I went to the dentist and when the receptionist asked me how i was doing i skipped the usual proper social response of i’m fine and instead said i was still in shock.  i said i can’t believe how many idiots voted for that guy.  she replied, i’m one of those idiots.  facepalm.   I asked her to help me understand.  you know what she said?  “what about the emails?”  Are you fucking kidding me?!  And just yesterday it was reported that Ivanka was using personal email for government business.   It’s racism with a semi-plausible justification.   For the evangelicals, it’s ban abortion and support Israel.  

It’s the soccer moms that are deciding elections.   They keep trying to come up with a better way to say white, suburban moms, but soccer moms really nails it.  I get it.  sorta.  I have a relative that’s basically a soccer mom.  she doesn’t have time for political shit or the news like i do.   she is so busy with her kids and work and everything else.   She has said that she didn’t know how bad trump was before the election.   I was talking to a 17 yr old about 2 months before the 2016 election.  he said that trump isn’t really that bad.  at least compared to the other republiCON candidates.  I said, “He IS that BAD”!   I saw it.  I researched him Before the election.

Brian Kemp racist his way to the governor’s mansion here in ass-backwards Georgia.  (raced/racist get it?).  8 years of mega voter purges and mega voter suppression as the secretary of state paid off for him.  He had a habit of pulling back right before lawsuits went to court.   He instituted the bullshit Exact Match rule and then withdrew it right before a court could rule on it.  or he lost.  don’t remember. then he urged the ga leg to pass Exact Match which they did in 2017.  I know he stepped down as sec state After the election, right before a judge was gonna rule on him being in charge of his own election.  he is a real scumbag.  he played ads with guns around him and even pointed a shotgun at a suitor for one of his daughters.   He even played ads with him in his pick em up truck says he’d personally go round up illegals.   seriously?  His beautiful blond daughters were in all his ads, too.   The Georgia election was literally black and white.  

So, Happy Fucking Thanksgiving.  I’m thankful that so many people are so pissed off at the most corrupt, lying, racist president we’ve ever had.   And he has the most corrupt, incompetent cabinet  in our history.

I was referring to it as the Billion’s Tax Cut before I saw others calling it that.  And people got it!  70% of Americans saw it for the scam it is.   Permanent, large tax cuts for the mega wealthy and mega corporations.  A small, temporary tax cut for the middle class.  

People are paying attention.  People are mad.  Stay that way and VOTE!  You saw how badly they got their asses kicked in the House.   The only reason the Senate stayed red was because not many were up for election.

Don’t let the noise overwhelm you.   Keep paying attention.   And VOTE every time their is an election!


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