Democrat Party or Orange Asshole Party

It doesn’t matter now who the candidate is for primaries and runoffs.  We are going to pick the one with the D or the R beside their name.  It’s a choice between picking a good Democrat or picking the one from the Orange Conman party.  It’s a vote to validate the Racism and Lies from coming from the White House or to reject them. 

Ironically, when Liberal Policies are on the ballot, but not called a liberal proposal, it will get about 70% of the vote.   I was shocked to see that Florida voted 65% to end the racist policy that disenfranchised all felons for the rest of their lives with a mega hard road to getting their vote back.   It exempted killers and rapists.  Yet, Governor Scott racisted his way to a slim victory to become Senator Snott.  And Gillum lost by a tiny amount.  I was shocked.  Thought he had it in the bag.  I’m mad Stacey Abrams lost, also.

Pot, expanded medicare, and other liberal policies get around 70% of the vote.  Just don’t tell the republican voters that the liberals are pushing for it and they will vote common sense.  Guns.  I think 70% or higher of Americans want to ban AR-15 type weapons and ban bump stocks.  I’m not gonna deep dive the numbers, I’m going from memory.  So, if you have different figures, show me Proof.   

Recently, on TV a very old lady in a wheelchair called Obama a Muslim communist.  Really?  Those are kinda opposites.  I was in shock for 3 days after the fat, orange, asshole won in 2016.  I recently realized that is how 10s of millions of Americans felt after that black fella won the Presidency.  And then won reelections.   The Don won because of that backlash.  He easily knocked off all the republican contenders because they played by the rules and used acceptable euphemisms.   He just straight out said, “The Mexicans are coming to rape your white women and hook them on crack.”  I’m paraphrasing, but not by much!

I believe that anyone that voted in the last 2 years for a republican was performing an act of racism.  They might say they’re not racist, but they are supporting an openly racist and other deplorables boy king.  I’ve seen people say I voted for Trump, but before that I voted for that black fella.  I automatically think the following sentence is, “so i’m not a racist”.  When someone says they’re not blank, they probably are.   And if you refer to the former President as ‘that black fella’, you’re probably a racist.  Scratch that.  That’s a completely racist statement.  

 Anyone voting Republican in the future is making a loud racist statement.  Brian Kemp here in Georgia played ads with him in his pick em up truck saying he would personally round up illegal immigrants.   Sickening.  And it worked!

Republicans represent about 30% of our country.  They are just very loud and they cheat.   Gerrymandering anyone?  Lowering the amount of money spent on election equipment and then blaming someone else for election problems.   I saw today or yesterday that even Stacey Abrams had problems at the poles.  She quietly worked with the election supervisor to fix her problem and didn’t make a big deal about it.  maybe she should have.  Even the man in charge of elections for 8 years had a technical problem when he went to vote!   

Don’t even get me started on signatures on mail-in ballots.  Even credit card companies don’t require a signature anymore because they are so unreliable and can change over time.  I think many kids today are not even being taught cursive!  A millennial laboriously signed his name in block letters.  It was rejected.  facepalm.    


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