Tech Now In The Republican Crosshairs

I heard tech stocks took a plunge today.  not surprised.  saw an interview Axios did on HBO with the Apple CEO a couple of days ago.  Tim Cook or maybe it was Axios said that Tech basically has been operating for 20 years with no Regulations.

FAANG is what stock investors use to refer to the big tech companies.  facebook, apple, amazon, netflix, google.   This is such a juicy target for the conservatives.  think about it.  everybody hates mega corporations and everybody is mad at social media for murdering democracy via russian hacking and the whack-job echo chambers of hate.   Aaaandd, the faang companies all love Democrats.  Perfect Storm.

Plus, Mark Zuckerberg keeps getting caught lying.

I should do a piece on Facebook.  Years ago, i made a little website about some web video games that i liked.   Wanted to link it to fb to expand the audience, I taught myself a lot about the back end of fb and about SEO.   I laughed when people posted about scams on fb.  I said the biggest scam on facebook is facebook itself.  You have no idea how much is going on behind the scenes.  they ask you about your fav books and movies and who your relatives are.  your age, your education, you career, etc.   it’s one of the world’s biggest data collection initiatives and you give them all you information for Free!  then, companies can use this data to micro target their customers.  seems like such a great way for companies to really maximize their advertising bucks.  to be fair, Google does the same thing, but they don’t get hacked and don’t break a bunch of stuff like fb.   hmmm, there was the google+ disaster, though.

I expect to see regulations coming about privacy of personal information.   EU type stuff.  Investors don’t like regulations.  Wouldn’t surprise me if the RepubliCONs only go after some of the tech companies.  They long ago sold out to mega corporations and mega lobbies like the NRA.  If the Koch Brothers invested in a tech company, you would see that company shielded or exempted from regs.


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