Georgia Election Scam

So many articles were written about the voter suppression in Stacey Abrams vs. Brian Kemp.  I had never heard of provisional ballots before.  I learned that over half are Not Counted!  Learned that some of the mail-in ballots aren’t counted.  Learned about years of Brian Kemp deleting voters from the rolls.  He was the sec state for 8 years.  Must be nice to be in charge of your own election for Gov. !  Is this Georgia, USA or Georgia, freaking USSR.   Oh wait, we like the Russians now.  (eye-roll)

Apparently it’s illegal to purge voters for not voting, but it is legal to purge them for moving.   soooo, this Kemp asshole was supposed to send a postcard or something to people that had supposedly moved to notify them they were getting purged.   Some reported never getting a notice.  Some reported Not Moving but mistakenly being flagged as moving after not voting for a couple of elections and getting purged.  This hit minorities way harder than white voters.   To learn more i highly recommend:    Dude sued Georgia to find out about purged voters.

Exact match.  i’m not gonna look up the details, this is from memory and might be a little off on the exact details.  that’s where having an Editor would be nice.  if anyone wants to volunteer, lemme know.  a few years ago Kemp started doing this Exact Match bullshit.  if a voter’s name and details did not perfectly match other records, i think like DMV or a federal database, they would get flagged and then purged.  he got his lame ass sued.  then, before a judgement was rendered he said, never mind, i’ll stop doing this.  then, he strongly urged the Georgia Legislature to pass an Exact Match law which they did.  last year, 2017, i think.  a lawsuit found 53,000 people were flagged and blocked a month before the election.   69% African American.  over 90% minorities.  seems like a Racist/Jim Crow Policy to me if that is the result.  And it was so stupid.  A missing hyphen.  One wrong letter.  So wait, if a state or federal official made a typo, the voter has to pay for it?   And it turns out it’s hard to get it fixed.  One man in one of Greg Palast’s articles said there is a space in his last name.  del space something.  one of the databases didn’t Allow for spaces in last names.  so the space couldn’t be entered thus resulting in a mismatch with another database.

Another man interviewed by Greg Palast really nailed it.  When I get a speeding ticket, they sure as hell know how to find me.  Taxes? oh yeah.  so how can they screw up the voter database so easily?   Somebody said it was easier to get a marijuana card in his state than it was to vote.

The Republicans have been cutting funding for voting machines and infrastructure for years.   Homeland Security offered to check the Georgia voting system for vulnerabilities.  For FREE!  Kemp said no.

The Republicans cheat.  Gerrymandering.  Lying about being For Preexisting Conditions which was one of the cores of ObamaCare right before the Election when they fought so hard for so long to ‘Repeal and Replace’ ObamaCare.   And don’t get me started on the Invasion from Honduras.

4 hour lines in Fulton County which is mostly African American.  Over 200 polling stations closed in the last few years to ‘save money’.  yeah, right.

Stacey Abrams is my hero.  I would have voter for her regardless for being the Democrat running for Governor.  But then I started learning about her.  AMAZING Person!  Yale educated lawyer vs. UGA grad who has an undergraduate degree in Farming.  Hmmm, reminds me of the Yale educated lawyer vs. the orange con man.   but that’s a whole other subject….

It’s important to know that about 5 years the Supreme Court ended federal review of ‘problem states’ changes to voter laws.  These were the states with a history of racism.  federal government had to approve changes to voter laws in Georgia, Mississippi, and some others.   Not to mention the Citizens’ United decision that allowed Dark Money to flow from ‘Person-hood’ Corporations to PACS (Political Action Committees).  We had a conservative Supreme Court before Bart.  Kennedy ruled with the Dems on gay marriage and on something else, so he was seen as more of a moderate.   And that’s also a whole ‘nother subject…


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