My Main Goals for this blog are to Educate, Spur Conversations, and Advocate for a better American Future.  This blog is about current events, politics, inequality, voter suppression, and anything else that strikes my fancy when I’m reading the newspapers on google news, which I spending several hours a day doing.

I’m mad.  I need to get it out.  So, I’m really writing this for Me.  I’m tired of my friends and relatives getting mad about me for going on and on.   It would be great if someone else learns something here.  It would be great if others start Thinking because of something I wrote.

I’ve literately read thousands of books.  I love history.  Not memorizing exact dates, but understanding what was going on at the time.  I love looking around and putting what I see and read into historically context using critical thinking.

This isn’t the first time a charismatic conman asshole has come along and used the time worn Fear, Anger, Blame the Blanks to rise to power.  It’s not even the second or third.  Happened tons of times.    It’s happening all over the world right now.  The world to me is looking a lot like the fucking 1930s.  We all know how That turned out, right?   But, we forgot.

I read 1984 by George Orwell again recently.  OMG.  It could have been written about Now!  2016-2018+.   If you were wondering if the 84 in the name of the blog was a reference to something….   ding, ding, ding.   you win a prize!  my admiration.

I plan to keep Comments live for now.  I believe in Free Speech, but I also believe it is a Duty to Call Out Hate Speech.   I’ll probably have to curate the comments to keep the orange asshats from spewing lies and hate.

Note, most of these are 2nd draft only.  Some light editing, but not what i would be proud of as a finished product.  It’s way too easy for me get caught up in details and be a perfectionist.  so, i decided to do it this way and move on to the next article, thought, whatever.   Would love to have a volunteer Editor!  drop me a line.  American2084Blog@gmail.com

Please bookmark this page.  Please Follow and Share.  This isn’t coming up in google searches yet, so please tell your friends!

If you have some money laying around and want to encourage me to continue writing, throw some at me.  I’m poor.  This is a hobby, but if it paid anything I might spend more time on it.  You can donate through PayPal.  American2084Blog@gmail.com   Thanks!


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